KIQ Beer

KIQ, blots out the sun, sweeps you off your feet, and foments the spirit of euphoria. We craft beers, the sweet remembrance of which lingers on your palate.


KIQ is born of the best German hops, in one of the most modern, fully automated brewing plants in the country, equipped with top of the line machinery from Germany. At its heart it is a strong and the Belgian malt in our beer ensures that the sky falls down very slowly, expands on your tongue, plays on your olfactory, and keeps you wrapped in a warm, fuzzy feeling. KIQ is balanced and bright, everything that you’d look for in a beer. By the way, it’s easy-on-the-pocket too!!


Premium Kiq, the strong beer brewed with imported malted barley, rice, hops, and yeast that gives you the strong, flavorful, crisp drink that rubs you in all the right ways.